Personal Services

happy-coupleWhile we aggressively work to lower your tax bill and reduce your stress level, we are always mindful of red flags with the IRS. From the simple working individual to the family with rent homes, a family construction business, two kids in college and one starting a ski boat rental company, we help you keep more of your money along the way.

  • Tax Returns: Simple or complex, we listen to what you need and deliver at a price that fits your situation. Call us to get started today.
  • Missing W-2’s, 1099’s and Mortgage Interest Statements? No problems. With your consent, we can pull these transcripts from the IRS the same day. What could be easier?
  • Past Due Returns: Sleep easier tonight! We can pull your past W-2’s from the IRS and even compile your information from you records.
  • Complex situation?: Start up situations, dissolving partnerships, FLP’s, and even dealing with bankruptcy and insolvency. With complex situations you need an experience professional on your side.
  • Tax Planning : To really be effective in reducing your Taxes, a plan should be developed and followed to minimize your tax bill and keep your assets productive for you.