Business Tax Return Preparation

tax-formsOur professionalism pays off for you. In the mad dash to get returns prepared we bring and expert thoughtful approach to each situation.  We stand in your corner and work to minimize your tax bill with an eye on your whole situation.  Our Tax professionals are invaluable.

Business Returns: Our computerized preparation and research software enables efficient returns for Corporations, Partnerships,  LLC’s, Trusts and Estates and related Franchise Tax returns.  Our professional review keeps you at the center of what we do. Combined with tax planning, we can minimize your current and future tax liabilities.

Franchise Taxes: Franchise tax laws changed significantly for 2008 and later.  The new law cast a wider net and different approaches yield different results.  Service industries without costs of goods sold who contract labor and services are hit pretty hard but specific exemptions are spelled out.  We are here to help if you need it.

Schedule C:If you have schedule C business activity this will be included on your personal 1040.  Of course we will need a P&L and Balance Sheet for the year and at least briefly discuss then financials to be certain you take full advantage of your tax return opportunities.  If your records are less well organized we can help you with that as well.

1040 – Personal: In combination with addressing your business tax, we will accurately and efficiently prepare personal individual returns using computerized preparation and research software to help put you in the best position.  Combining business and personal considerations often allows us to coordinate elections an positions for optimal planning impact.

Tax Planning: Tax Planning is an essential element of the tax preparation process.  By incorporating tax planning into your overall business strategy you can utilize our experience to minimize your current and future tax bill and keep more of that hard eared money.

“Leverage Our Strengths to Focus on Yours”