Professional Firms

As a professional you clearly understand your greatest rewards come from leveraging your skills in serving your clients and driving your business. Unfortunately, back office operations can quickly siphon your time and mind share to the least profitable functions. This is a perpetual challenge of every professional office.

At MJ White, PLLC we understand the importance of keeping professionals fully engaged in their practice. Our services are designed to simplify the process for you by providing comprehensive accounting, tax and management services.

  • Business federal and state tax services.
  • Accounting and outsourced financial management.
  • Compilations and bookkeeping.
  • IRS problem resolutions
  • Payroll and payroll reporting.
  • Practice management consulting.
  • Tax planning for the firm and partners.
  • Quickbooks Consulting

We can leverage our experience for you to implement an accounting system that meets your needs. We can handle your payroll or help you setup a payroll system. Hiring and training additional personnel to address bookkeeping is often an inefficient use of your time. Our bookkeepers can help. They are fast, efficient and well suited to addressing your back office accounting needs.

“Leverage Our Strengths to Focus on Yours”